Ford Mustang 2007

The 2007 Ford Mustang is another one in the league of the best performing models by Ford. The competitors have tried in all earnest but have not able to come up with something of the same magnetism. The style of the body is that of the Ford of 2005 and still continues to look sharp and precise. The axle rear has been changed so that the ride is very much similar to the car of the existing times. The best part of the whole offer is the fact that it has something for everyone out there meaning very much affordable.
Among the prominent features include the navigation system for DVD and input jacks for the audio devices. This model happens to be in the league of the ninth generation of cars and very much similar to the previous models on offer. The engine choices are very much impressive where the V6 or V8 are on the offer.
The V6 happens to be of 4.0 capacities where the horsepower is 210 and the torque of 240 pound. The GT models have been equipped with v8 and 4.6 liter and an astounding 200 horsepower. All these cars have a rear drive and standard speed manual where there is also the choice for five speed automatic transmissions. The fuel economy is from 19 mpg to 28 mpg. Those numbers are very much in harmony to a full size sedan that you would expect from any powerful car.


  sohc V61 sohc V82 sohc V83 Supercharged dohc V84
Size, liters/cu. in. 4.0/245 4.6/281 4.6/281 5.4/330
Horsepower @ rpm. 210 @ 5250 300 @ 5750 319 @ 5750 500 @ 6000
Torque (lb-ft) @ rpm. 240 @ 3500 320 @ 4500 330 @ 4500 480 @ 4500
Availability Standard Standard Standard Standard
EPA City / highway mpg        
5-speed manual 19/28 17/25 NA/NA --/--
6-speed manual --/-- --/-- --/-- 15/21
5-speed automatic 18/26 17/23 NA/NA --/--
1. Base. 2. GT. 3. Shelby GT. 4. Shelby GT500.
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