Ford Mustang 2005

Ford Mustang 2005As per the general consensus, the 2005 Ford Mustang has been found to be very much enhanced and improved in comparison to the models before it. From the facets of performance, styling as well as the power all has been catered well in this newer version. The GT models have been equipped with V8 and although they have been found to be very powerful they are better able to manage the axle suspensions better.
The safety aspect of this car may not be found synchronous to that of the existing times for it is generally found to lack in control, stability and the side air bags etc. In all, if you want something that is able to perform remarkably at a budget that is manageable than the buyer would not be left disappointed in any case.
Engines that are on the offering for this 2005 model are inclusive of the 4.0 liter V6 that is able to accommodate the 210 horsepower and the 240 pound worth of torque. In addition to this, the GT models come with a capacity of 4.6 liter having a horsepower of 300 and a torque of 230. The V8 model is well supplied where there are three valves that supply the cylinders. The rear wheel is something that is customary for Ford Mustangs and is adequate for 5 speed manual and automatic transmission on some nominal addition to the money. The Ford Mustang 2005 has a robust that is able to sustain driving demands of all types.


  sohc V61 sohc V82
Size, liters/cu. in. 4.0/245 4.6/281
Horsepower @ rpm. 210 @ 5250 300 @ 5750
Torque (lb-ft) @ rpm. 240 @ 3500 320 @ 4500
Availability Standard Standard
EPA City / highway mpg    
5-speed manual 19/28 17/25
5-speed automatic 19/25 18/23
1. Base models. 2. GT models.


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