Ford Mustang 2006

Ford Mustang 2006The 2006 Ford Mustang stand no behind the league of the most influential and appealing cars that have been brought to the market. The design has been found to be very much like the Mustang than any other car. The owners have been found to be very contented since the suspension has been upgraded and the engine pretty much powerful with it being V8.
Among the many factors that add to the popularity of the car is the fact that it offers the buyers a chance to enter the market of high car performance without having to bear large expenses. Among the many available trim packages for 2006 Ford Mustang include the V6 premium, V6 deluxe, GT premium, Cobra models etc. The models of V6 deluxe were equipped to the best as part of the model base car. The standard features that are included are the bucket seats, AC, 17 inch wheels, coupe and convertible bodies and other features that can opted as per the choice of the consumer.
The V6 deluxe models are encompassing the same level of luxury as that is offered with the premium package. The GT models are very much in harmony with the rampant features and V6 as well as premium makes. The cobra cars are much enhanced as far as the general look and colors are concerned with an engine that is turbocharged. Also, it has been rated to be the safest car where the test have classified it to be perfect for side and front impacts.


  sohc V61 sohc V82
Size, liters/cu. in. 4.0/245 4.6/281
Horsepower @ rpm. 210 @ 5250 300 @ 5750
Torque (lb-ft) @ rpm. 240 @ 3500 320 @ 4500
Availability Standard Standard
EPA City / highway mpg    
5-speed manual 19/28 17/25
5-speed automatic 19/25 17/23
1. Base models. 2. GT models.


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