Ford Mustang 2004

Ford Mustang 2004The 2004 model of Ford Mustang is nothing short of a hub of power that is perfect amalgamation of performance and style in one package. It is an inexpensive car where the styles are available in the both the coupe and the convertible along with a diverse range of trim packages.  The models of 2004 have large engines and suspension that are sporty attuned. Being pretty much impressive, the Mustang has set up its standard in the league of cars that are able to withstand through all times.
These cars have been found to be highly rewarding for all those consumers who can’t afford the high end luxury cars. It is the best deal that they can find in terms of performance as well as the general outlook of the car. The standardized engine is a 3.6 V6 that is known to integrate in 190 horsepower and a torque of 220 foot pounds. In addition to this, the equipment that can be taken as per choice includes the traction control and the ABS system.
The standard safety measures have been found to be just about sufficient. These include the energy management retractors and the safety belts in unfortunate instances of them slacking. Thus, a back up for such unfortunate cases have been provided which is something of dire necessity in all cars. On the whole, the Ford Mustang is able to do well in crash tests and withstanding all sorts of upfront and sideways impacts.


  ohv V61 sohc V82 dohc V83 Supercharged dohc V84
Size, liters/cu. in. 3.8/232 4.6/281 4.6/281 4.6/281
Horsepower @ rpm. 193 @ 5500 260 @ 5250 310 @ 6000 390 @ 6000
Torque (lb-ft) @ rpm. 225 @ 2800 302 @ 4000 335 @ 4200 390 @ 3500
Availability Standard Standard Standard Standard
EPA City / highway mpg        
5-speed manual 20/29 17/25 17/26 --/--
6-speed manual --/-- --/-- --/-- 17/24
4-speed automatic 19/27 18/23 17/23 --/--
1. Base. 2. GT. 3. Mach 1; 308 hp, 323 lb-ft w/ automatic. 4. SVT Cobra.


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