Ford Mustang 1967

The Ford Mustang holds its special regards in the American history. It happens to be among the most popular and recognizable vehicle that has ever hit the roads. It was in the year ’64 that the first breakthrough came where many new innovations are being done in the current times. A lot much has been done on the revision of this model but still it is used as a standard and quality that has not been achieved by its competitors. 
The model of 1967 is part of the league of all first generation cars that are very much in line with those which were introduced before that. On the other side, there were some improvisations that came in prominence with the style of body and accessories, to name a few of them.
Among the many remarkable changes that were made was the company’s decision to make use of alternators and discard the generators. Though this is the practice that is pretty much widespread these days, in those times it was an outstanding decision. Backlights were also added adding more to the classic look of this vehicle. The original car came with the option of two separates but when the ’67 came, the produces rater went for the bench seating. The rear axle was customary at that time and it rater added to the rigidity that was needed on highway driving. The stiffness was so much so that it was claimed that it could sustain a century or more.
Specifications for the 1967, 1968 Ford Mustang:
Wheelbase, inches: 108.0
Length, inches: 183.6
Curb-weight range, pounds: 2,568-3,000 (1967); 2,635-3,300 (1968)
Width, inches: 70.9

Engine Types for the 1967, 1968 Ford Mustang:
I-6: 200 cubic inches; 115-120 horsepower
V-8: 289 

cubic inches; 195-290 horsepower

V-8: 302 cubic inches; 230-250 horsepower

V-8: 390 cubic inches; 320-335 horsepower

V-8: 427 cubic inches; 390 horsepower

V-8: 428 cubic inches; 335-360 horsepower

Transmissions for the 1967, 1968 Ford Mustang:
Automatic: 3-speed
Manual: 3-speed, 4-speed

Model-Year Production for the 1967, 1968 Ford Mustang:
1967: 475,346
1968: 321,854

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