Ford Mustangs Classics

Classic Ford MustangFord Mustangs are considered to be the classic cars ever since they came into being. These cars belong to the era from 1964 to 1973, where the company came up with the finest of cars in terms of performance and style at the same time. The Ford Mustang belonging to those times are of first generation belonging. These are categorized under the banner of the most collectible cars where the design was compact, economical and trendy along with the air of ‘sport’ that was of style in those times.
The Ford Mustangs were brought to the forefront as convertibles and hardtops. The versions of fastback went on sale instantly since these came as under enhancement of the preceding makes. In the early times, the Mustangs were simple and compact but once the changes were introduced the size overall gained some increment which all the more added to the boost of the engine power. The newer manufactured Ford Mustangs came in as the 1965 models.
They were also termed as 1964 and 1964 ½ due to some slight revisions that were brought into prominence in the start of the year. Available in both styles that is the coupe and convertible, these models were able to accommodate a 170-cubic six cylinder engine along with a 3 speed transmission to floor shift form. For the brand new make the price range at that time started for about $2000 where about 400,000 were sold in the first year alone.
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