Ford Mustang Cobras

Ford Mustang CobraFord came up with its Mustang Cobras in the year 1993, the first time ever. These cars were very appealing and stylish and were a major breakthrough of the lineup of the 1960s model. These were a form of designer cars which were in real a tad bit different from the formal ones that were introduced formerly. In the very year that it was manufactured the sales surmounted to about five thousand units in that year alone. The following year witnessed an increment of more than a thousand units.
The sales of the model experienced a trend that fluctuated to some great deal. Having said this, the model was then consistent for many years up till 2004. Many new changes were although introduced from time to time and launched every year.
The cobra version of 1993 has some many additional yet basic features which also includes the 235-horsepower engine. The power has increased to quite an extent in comparison to the preceding versions of these vehicles. The latest version that was introduced in the year 2004 has an engine power of 420 hp. This vehicle was not produced in hefty numbers although the performance level was on the higher end than all other sorts of Ford Mustangs. In addition to this, Ford has manufactured better varieties as well. The team of this outstanding vehicle should be given credit for the amazing innovation both in terms of design as well as the performance of the vehicle.
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