Ford Mustang 2010

Ford Mustang 2010As it was with many other previous models, the 2010 Mustang came in a wide range of models that were cheaper and unrefined to something that as refined and consequently heavier on the pocket as well. There was a whole range of models where the simple V6 models were known for its sturdy nature and the same was the case with its steering wheel. On the other hand, the other models were nothing short of luxurious cars which were very powerful, indeed. The basic and simpler models were introduced for great performance without having to spend a lot of money while the other luxurious versions were for tough city terrains and mindsets.
The models that were part of the 2012 Ford Mustang league were an innovation inside out. On the whole, the wheels were larger than what is the customary practice, had more sustainment for GT models. In addition to this, there was a control on stability as part of the standard which was applied on these models as well. The handling was enhanced especially in the basic models where the changes were more prominent in the GT models.
The 2010 Ford Mustang is a very appealing car that offers a lot of rigidity and power to the driving experience. Ford has always offered the best as far as the performance is concerned where the suspension updates were remarkable. The best part about the Ford Mustang models is the fact that it has something for everyone out there.


  sohc V61 sohc V82 Supercharged dohc V83
Size, liters/cu. in. 4.0/245 4.6/281 5.4/330
Horsepower @ rpm. 210 @ 5300 315 @ 6000 540 @ 6200
Torque (lb-ft) @ rpm. 240 @ 3500 325 @ 4250 510 @ 4500
Availability Standard Standard Standard
EPA City / highway mpg      
5-speed manual 18/26 16/24 --/--
6-speed manual --/-- --/-- 14/22
5-speed automatic 16/24 17/23 --/--
1. V6 models. 2. GT models. 3. Shelby GT500.


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