Ford Mustang 2009

Ford Mustang 2009Not many people are aware of the fact that the 2005 version of Ford Mustang has been restructured and the design has been revitalized. It has been made available as the 2009 model and ever since there has been no turning back for this company and its innovations. Even in the present times, the 2008 Ford Mustang happens to be the most sought after name among many car owners. Hence, it can be said that the brand has only maintained its claim and reputation.
Unlike many other American designed cars, the 2009 model of Ford Mustang comes with a customary 4-speed manual shift. In addition to this, as per the request and the choice of the owner, the 5 speed automatic has also been made available.
The 2009 Ford Mustang has been classified as different because of the many factors and provisions that are on the offering. Everything has been laid off at the choice of the consumer from the styles to the engine choice and from manual/automatic transmissions to trims. The Mustang 2009 versions come up with two doors. Other than this the features that are standard and customary in there are the gas pressurized front and rear shocks, anti roll bars. Moreover, the front and rear coil springs, the black grille trim, the antennae that is fixed, tinted windows are some to name a few. This 2009 model is equipped with the best and the latest of the technology from the likes of bluetooth, iPod connectivity etc.


  sohc V61 sohc V82 sohc V83 Supercharged dohc V84
Size, liters/cu. in. 4.0/245 4.6/281 4.6/281 5.4/330
Horsepower @ rpm. 210 @ 5300 300 @ 5750 315 @ 6000 500 @ 6000
Torque (lb-ft) @ rpm. 240 @ 3500 320 @ 4500 325 @ 4250 480 @ 4500
Availability Standard Standard Standard Standard
EPA City / highway mpg        
5-speed manual 17/26 15/23 15/23 --/--
6-speed manual --/-- --/-- --/-- 14/20
5-speed automatic 16/24 15/22 --/-- --/--
1. Base. 2. GT. 3. Bullitt Package. 4. GT500.
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