Ford Mustang 1966

Ford Mustang 1966The Ford Mustang’s inception dates back to the year 1964.The second version of it came with some enhancements in the year 1966 where it was tweaked and altered very slightly. Among the few considerable changes was the floating horse that was positioned on the front grille which was in real an emblem of it. The styles were revamped to quite an extent as well such as the gas cap, rocker panel pieces and the lip accents that were hooded.
Other features that were found to be prominent were the GT and the standard editions which were found to be of similar appearance as the one before the 1966 model. On the whole, Ford has forever maintained its quality and fever where the power has been found to be more boastful than ever.
For this model, both kinds of body styles were opted. These were the coupe and the convertible along with many editions in the form of trim packages. These packages are pretty much inclusive of the I-6 coupe, the I-6 Convertible, V-8 Convertible etc. There is nothing much of a difference as far as the interior is concerned and it’s various accessories. With so much being offered in the name of trim packages, the only differentiating factor is in terms of the body styles. It can be said that although the previous models of Mustang didn’t have that many facilities, but then there was a lot more offered at that time which today hold no value to us. 
Specifications for the 1965, 1966 Ford Mustang:

Wheelbase, inches: 108.0

Length, inches: 181.6

Curb-weight range, pounds: 2,445-2,800 (1965); 2,488-2,800 (1966)

Width, inches: 68.2

Engine Types for the 1965, 1966 Ford Mustang:

I-6: 170 cubic inches; 101 horsepower

I-6: 200 cubic inches; 120 horsepower

V-8: 260 cubic inches; 164 horsepower

V-8: 289 cubic inches; 200-306 horsepower

Transmissions for the 1965, 1966 Ford Mustang:

Automatic: 3-speed

Manual: 3-speed, 4-speed

Model-Year Production for the 1965, 1966 Ford Mustang:

1965: 681,551

1966: 609,946
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