Ford Mustang 2000

Ford Mustang 2000 model is another one in the league of the most renowned and best selling cars. The original lineup started in the early sixties where each year many newer versions have been introduced. There have been numerous innovations of the cars over the years both from the inside and outside. Yet the power and the operations have remained intact. For this model, the model is very much similar to the preceding ones, more or less.
The fuel efficiency is another impressive factor especially with the models of the engine. The V6 category of the engine attains 2ompg city and 29 mpg highway. The GT models, on the other hand, are a bit less efficient and can range from 17 to 24 mpg. For a car like such which has sturdy engines these figures happen to be very appreciative and remarking.
In addition to this, the Ford Mustang 2000 version is pretty safe. The model has adequate measures for instance the air bags. On the other hand, one may also find the disc brakes which help in braking in short distances as in urgent and emergency situations. It has been able to withstand a number of crash tests both in the upfront as well as on the sides hence it has been established that the general makeup is powerful and sturdy on the whole. Compared to all the leading cars the Ford lags no behind in terms of performance and power.


  ohv V61 sohc V82
Size, liters/cu. in. 3.8/232 4.6/281
Horsepower @ rpm. 190 @ 5250 260 @ 5250
Torque (lb-ft) @ rpm. 220 @ 2750 300 @ 4000
Availability Standard Standard
EPA City / highway mpg    
5-speed manual 20/29 17/24
4-speed automatic 20/27 17/23
1. Base. 2. GT.